Ongoing, Biblical Discipleship for Inmates

The Jail and Prison Discipleship Program is a program in which CPO staff and volunteers routinely go to various jails and prisons to visit inmates with whom a disciple-ling relationship has already been established.


To maintain personal relationships between inmates and CPO staff and volunteers that will strengthen over time and will help to establish a meaningful relationship between incarcerated individuals and the Lord..


To see a measurable change in the life of an inmate and to help them to grow and mature spiritually. To establish a relationship based on accountability and personal responsibility, and to equip inmates to handle and solve personal problems and difficulties based on Biblical principles.

CPO Strategy

Make regular consistent visits. Spend quality time in prayer and bible study during each visit. Express and demonstrate genuine and authentic loving care and concern for the inmate and equip them with the ability to solve difficulties with Biblical perspective.

We humbly ask that you prayerfully reflect on ways you can contribute to this life-changing program!

How Can You Help?
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Life Learning Program
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