A 2019 graduate of the Outreach Career Center's welding program, Walter Harris first heard of CPO through a counselor at his daughters school. Before attending the welding classes, Harris ran a small lawn care service, but needed something more consistent and challenging for himself. Participating in the 16-week welding program, Harris had hands on experience, learning welding skills as well as improving his soft skills, from math courses to resume building. Since his graduation in August of 2019, Harris has found steady work in welding and is currently working second shift. He mentions that his life was changed because of the program he attended and the instructors and leaders he was led by. The Outreach Career Center gave him a new perspective on life, from daily Bible studies held during classes, to the hands on learning style he was given and the consistency of both the students in class, Harris is thankful for the positive energy shared with him and the second chance he was given. He says, all you have to be is " willing to sit down and take what's given to you" and "all it will cost you is your time."
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