We love to share the testimonies of some of the students in our classes whose lives are changed by God working through CPO. Marco was a graduate of the Life Learning program in 2014, and these are his words:

"Hi, my name is Marco. I must say, the life learning program has helped to change my life in many ways, and I have seen it do the same to others in the program.

"It changed me to want to go home and be a better person and father to my kids. It made me want to get a job and work for the things I want and need. It made me want to help others from ending up in jail, to help them know who they are and what their purpose is on earth.

"The things I learned in the program I would never have learned on the street. I have been here for two years now, and I know that I'm prepared to go home and be a better person and do what is right because I had a chance to be in the life learning program. Without this program, I know I would not be ready to begin this new start in life. One thing I am sure of is that i was blessed by God to have been in this program, because now I feel that I did the time and the time did not do me. There have been times when I've come to jail and left the same way I came in, and now I'm back again. I can now say that I will not be coming back.

"Most of all I want to thank God for the chance to be in the program."


Now that Marco is on his way out of prison, he feels more equipped to turn his life around. However, he still needs help and support in the new life he wants to live. If your church partners with CPO and you are interested in being part of our mentoring program, you could help young men like Marco to keep their lives on the new path they have begun. Learn more on our Mentoring Page.

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