First giving honor to God, Who is the Head of my life through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and my beautiful wife Wanda who is truly a gift from God.

All the time and words in the world wouldn't suffice to convey how good God has been in my life. I pray that this short testimony of how God has moved in my life over the last few years will help, aid, and or encourage the believer.

I used to live the lifestyle of a drug dealer, from selling weed\marijuana to crack and ecstasy pills and by me never joining a gang I had no ties to just one location I sold drugs from the north side in Uptown to Rogers Park and from Wrigley to the Gold Coast I expanded to the west side from North Ave. and Western to Division and Pulaski. I was a soldier for Satan selling everything but heroine. I gave small amounts to people to sell for me in different neighborhoods to keep a steady cash flow. I was known as a "Heavy" in the streets yet I sold to an undercover police officer and was arrested and sentenced to 4 years probation. A blessing after I prayed that God would keep me from prison. I completed a year and a half of probation had a good job and was doing well yet I wasn't in church or serving God I was still hanging out kicking it, getting drunk, smoking weed, and partying. I started back selling weed and was pulled over for driving a fancy car at 2am the police searched my car and found my stash spot of 2 ounces of weed. I was arrested and charged with felony possession a felony and violation my probation. I prayed again 'Lord keep me from prison' and I was sentenced to a special probation call R.A.P that’s Rehabilitative Adult Probation for 18 months, this sentence overturned my previous sentence and I was mandated to make NA and or AA meetings once a week needless to say that only made my addiction to the lifestyle of selling drugs worse because it was at the meetings that I built my cliental base up on the ones who had sheets like me. Once again I was back down going all around the city making meetings and money selling drugs. I managed to complete probation and still sell drugs for a while until a few of my close friends got killed and locked up. I decided to leave the drug game alone. I stopped selling drugs and cancelled the debts owed. Three months later the police raided my mothers house while I was there and planted 13.6 grams of heroin on me since I didn’t have any drugs but the small amount of weed that I was smoking on. I went to court on this case and found out they had also charged me with a delivery and I got a lawyer who just wanted money to get me 6 years in prison. I couldn’t pay him for that and the public defender said the same thing because of my background and my case carry 6-30 years at 85% but we could keep getting contuences since I was on house arrest due to the county jail being full. Out on house arrest I continued to pray my simple foxhole prayer Lord if you get me out of this one I will serve you. I asked for movement to go to church and in august of 2010 I was able to go to church and I rededicated my life back to Christ and Ministry. In September we went to court and the judge asked me what I thought about boot camp it’s a one-year program Glory To God!!!! I became a soldier for Christ in cook county boot camp. I studied my Bible everyday' went to almost every church group meeting and graduated boot camp. I linked up with the ministries that came into boot camp and volunteered my services. I have been fulfilling my end of the contract with God.

Today I'm the president of the Men’s department at my church, I'm a director of the Fishers Of Men’s Ministry where we preach and teach Christ to recovering addicts I'm in college, I work for CTA and I'm married now. God is still blessing me more and more for His Glory.

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