Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are CPO chaplains paid by Cook County Sheriff’s Office?

A. No. CPO chaplains are paid solely by Chicagoland Prison Outreach. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office does not employ or contract for chaplaincy services at the jail.

Q. How can I support your ministry?

A. We rely on financial donations to keep our ministries running and are so thankful for your support! Click the "Donate Today" button in the top right corner of our website to donate now.

Q. How can I volunteer with CPO?

A. As we expand our work in the Chicago area, we work predominately through connections with churches, involving not just individuals, but the whole body of Christ. We could not exist without the volunteer and financial support of the local churches we partner with. If you have inquired about CPO with the desire to volunteer with us, we would request that you connect with your pastor first, and if your church would be interested in a partnership with us, please provide us with information about your church and your missions pastor so that we could contact them.

Q. Do you provide employment for ex-offenders?

A. We do not have a formal job placement program, but we do offer a variety of vocational training opportunities. Check them out on our Post-Prison page, here.

Q. Do you provide housing?

A. No, CPO does not provide any type of housing.

Q. Do you only work with ex-offenders?

A. We work with any individual that has been involved with or impacted by the criminal justice system, including ex-offenders and their families.

Q. What’s the difference between jail and prison?

A. Prisons are operated by state governments and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, to hold individuals convicted of crimes. Jails, on the other hand, are most often run by sheriffs and/or local governments, designed to hold individuals who are awaiting trial.

Q. What Is Cook County Boot Camp or VRIC?

A. Cook County Boot Camp is now called Vocational Rehabilitation Impact Center (VRIC). This program is designed to provide court-ordered, non-violent offenders with a six-month strict detention program based on basic discipline, educational skills, counseling and alcohol/substance abuse treatment.

Q. Is CPO a Christian organization?

A. Yes! CPO is uncompromisingly and unapologetically a Christ-centered, Gospel-oriented ministry, dedicated to the proclamation of the Word of God, the advancement of God’s Kingdom and the glory of His holy name. All of our practical programs and ministries are built on that foundation and designed to fulfill that purpose. Read What We Believe.

Q. Does CPO speak at various churches or conferences?

A. Yes! We love to share what God is doing at Chicagoland Prison Outreach, both at churches and conferences. If you are interested in bringing someone from CPO to speak at your church, at your conference, or even to your small group, go to our Contact Us page and let us know.

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