Sometimes we receive letters from the inmates who participate in our Bible studies and somehow, they are more capable of communicating truth through their stories than we ever could be!! We're honored to share part of this friend's testimony:

"I was walking back from dinner when some of the men began a heated discussion. They then turn to me for resolution because they know that I am not a liar, nor do I take sides. Being aware that no matter what answer I gave, one party would claim victory over the other, instead I tried to minimize the need for them to have an answer and focus on their shared understanding. Did I do the wrong thing here? While I appreciate that they hold me in high regard, the issue was trivial and I don't feel that a referee was needed.

"As I continued to walk, I began to ask myself this question: Does it hurt the light to shine in the darkness? Does the light stretching into the darkness from a candle get tired? Does all the resistance encountered in the darkness cause the light to get discouraged, feel the strain and pain of being focused on? I don't know the answer, but I believe the light is encouraged when it comes across other light amid the darkness. Together, they both grow brighter. I know that at the end of this process, I will be stronger for having gone through it. Stronger in my faith, stronger in my knowledge of the Lord. A stronger man in resisting temptation. In this way, I am thankful every day.

"I also want to say thank you for providing such a good role model for me and others. Perhaps that can be stressful at times, but you wear it well, thank the Lord. Continue to fight the good fight, run the race through to the end. May the Lord, who started a good work in us, be allowed (by us) to finish it."


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