Loving Others As God Has Loved Us

For Christians, there’s a clear Biblical reason to minister to those in prison—when we give to those who are hurting, we do it as unto the Lord (“I was in prison and you came to visit me…” Matthew 25:36). That’s why Chicagoland Prison Outreach has been sharing the love of Christ with prisoners and families of prisoners since 1994. We want to tangibly communicate the Gospel to Cook County and state prison inmates and their loved ones in a way that gives them real hope and encouragement. To accomplish this goal, we offer in-prison ministries, a Post-Prison Ministry and, through partnerships with local churches, several outreach programs.

Faith-Based Ministry to Current and Former Inmates

Chicagoland Prison Ministry is a faith-based organization that ministers to men and women in the Cook County Jail, Cook County Sheriff’s Boot Camp, various state prisons and at our Career Center in Roseland. We offer Christian worship services, discipleship classes, individual counseling, vocational training, job preparation, Bible studies and more—all in order to show inmates and their families the love of Christ in a clear, tangible way. We work with incarcerated men and women, formerly incarcerated men and women and the families of people in prison. In all of our programs and ministries, we’re seeking to point others to the unique, personal relationship with Jesus that completely changes lives.

How Can You Help?
Your financial support of Chicago Prison Outreach empowers us to make a real difference. Help us minister to incarcerated individuals and their families throughout the Chicagoland region by donating to CPO!
Life Learning Program
Watch our videos to hear firsthand testimonials from former inmates, see how our ministries work and learn more about CPO!