Support That Continues after Inmates Are Released

CPO doesn’t forget about our participants once they are released from jail. Instead, we stay available and involved by providing aftercare ministries that connect them with local churches and help with crucial life skills and vocational trades. Our post-prison ministries include mentoring and accountability, career guidance, vocational training and more. So whether it’s through a welding class or ongoing mentoring, we’re here to help former inmates develop the life skills they need to be successful and stable, as well as satisfied in Christ.

Post-Prison Connections and Mentoring Services

After they are released from prison, we follow up with previous inmates through our Post-Prison Ministries, finding ways to get participants connected with local churches, provide rehab/recovery for addictions and assist in finding places to live and work. Because one of the biggest challenges men and women recently released from jail face is finding work, we offer a range of vocational training programs that give them crucial employment skills. Whether it’s in our welding classes or automotive-repair program, CPO sets former inmates up with the capabilities to be productive members of society.

How Can You Help?
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Life Learning Program
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