Seeking to Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

Angels of Hope is a program in which Chicagoland Prison Outreach reaches out to families of inmates at Cook County Jail and other institutions. Having a loved one is prison or jail is a trying test to their faith and a difficult time in their lives. The Angels of Hope program is designed to help these families when they may not be able to provide for themselves. Through the help of volunteers and partnering churches, Chicagoland Prison Outreach is successfully able to identify, assess and address the needs of the families of inmates at their request.

Partnering with local churches to identify, assess and address the needs of families of inmates at their request, Angels of Hope trains volunteers to make weekly visits delivering boxes of food for the purpose of creating strong relationships with the families. Within these weekly visits our volunteers will disciple, minister to and encourage the families in a God honoring way.

Connecting Volunteers with Inmates and Their Families

At Chicagoland Prison Outreach, we want to help local churches, volunteers and organizations engage with inmates, the families of inmates and the formerly incarcerated. To facilitate these connections, we offer a number of programs that make it practical and attainable for volunteers to make a tangible difference. Through our Angels of Hope program, CPO uses specific programs within the outreach ministry to give volunteers an opportunity to show Christ’s love to individuals and families that are hungry for it.

Working Together with Believers to Share Christ’s Love

CPO offers several programs within our Angels of Hope ministry: Women of Hope, Letters of Hope, Compassionate Gifts and Trauma Coaching. Historically, the Angels of Hope ministry focused on helping those who are in need around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but now extends to Compassionate Gifts that can assist families throughout the year, with assistance with schools supplies, a food pantry and distribution program, household cleaning supplies and more. We recruit and train churches, volunteers and organizations to call on families of detainees in order to provide support, as well as to help these families prepare their home environments to be stable, godly places to which inmates may return. In Women of Hope, we conduct a weekly women’s Bible study at our Roseland facility, ministering to women with loved ones in jail. And because we know that a note of encouragement can be so powerful to incarcerated men and women, we have the Letters of Hope program, in which people of all ages writes anonymous letters to inmates, letting them know someone cares. To learn how you can you write to inmates, please call CPO.

Please pray about supporting our Angels of Hope program and come partner with us to make a difference to incarcerated men and women!


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