Women of Hope is a Christian support and fellowship group for women who have a loved one in jail or prison

Having a husband or son in jail can put a wife or mother in a very difficult position. When a husband is in jail, the mother may have to take care of her children by herself. When a son goes to jail, the mother will have to go through the emotional and mental stress of having her children in jail. Women of Hope creates a fellowship between these women and CPO to help her through these stressing and hard times. Through this fellowship, these women will have the chance to pray together, encourage each other, and discuss their situation with other women who are going through the same difficulties in their lives.


With this program, we connect women who are going through the same troubles of having their sons or husbands in prison or jail. Through the fellowship and discussions held, the Lord starts to mend these women's lives with his love shown through others.


To rejuvenate and help renew women's lives through the use of Christ-like fellowship; so that they will support one another with the love of Christ and renew their hope and faith in our Lord and Savior.

CPO Strategy

Meeting once a week, CPO connects with women who are going through the trying times of having loved ones in prison or jail. Through Women of Hope, women with loved ones in jail or prison have the chance to share their personal story, discuss how this event in their life has affected them, support one another through this portion of their life, and have a bible study together, praying with one another, and seeking the Lord together. Through the use of trained volunteers who lead these meetings, discussions, and bible studies, we help support their faith and renew their hope in the Lord as they go through these times.

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