Monthly group sessions along with a monthly service project

for the formerly incarcerated to meet with godly men for fellowship and edification.


To provide opportunities that facilitate the creation of new relationships, with the sole purpose of personal and spiritual development.


To see new relationships created between those who are reentering society and those who are established within our society. We believe that through this effort individuals, families and communities will be transformed.

CPO Strategy:

  • Identify individuals who are reentering society that desire personal and spiritual development.
  • Once a person is selected, they are invited to our monthly pow-wows and service projects. They will meet mentors who have already been trained and equipped.
  • As relationships are developed those who reentering society are encouraged to ask a mentor to mentor them.
  • The mentor’s ultimate goal will be to connect the mentee with other individuals for the purpose of further exposure to personally and spiritually growth.
  • Pow-Wow’s are group sessions that generate discussions around relevant topics that create theological, practically, and transferable knowledge. They will also serve as preparation meetings for upcoming projects and service events.
  • Projects- will be opportunities for our pow-wow group to serve churches and community organization.
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Life Learning Program
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