Juanita was a teen mom living on the west side of Chicago. Just two months after giving birth, her daughter's father became incarcerated, leaving her feeling lost and alone. During this period, Juanita's life intersected with our ministry when her daughter's father signed them up to receive Christmas gifts through our Angels of Hope program.

"The gifts were a great help to me as a single mother. It showed me that people really cared," Juanita shared. That act of kindness was more than just a momentary relief; it was a beacon of hope that changed her life. Fast forward 21 years, Juanita has come full circle. She now coordinates her church's annual Angels of Hope Christmas Gift program, becoming a living testimony of how a small act of kindness can create ripples of positive change.

Be the change you want to see as Juanita's story beautifully demonstrates, your involvement can be the turning point in someone’s life. Join us in becoming the hands and feet of Christ this holiday season. Together, we can light the path for families like Juanita's, bringing them the comfort, joy, and dignity they deserve during the holidays. We're inviting churches and individuals to be part of this incredible journey of transformation.


For Individual Donors:

Extend your blessings by giving directly to our Angels of Hope program through the link below. Your financial contribution will provide much-needed gifts and other essentials for families navigating this challenging time and beyond. 

For Churches

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