Each week we ask the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and their families how we can pray for them. Feel free to join us in prayer for them and we encourage you to share their request with your prayer circles. 


June 2023

  • My son got killed today (6/1) on the west side in a car crash please I need you, Jesus. Michelle
  • Health, wealth and to protect my children and family. Shenise
  • Thanks so much just keep praying for me & my family. Glenda
  • Keep my brother-in-law Joshua in your prayers. He is lost in the world of drugs and is not looking like the person we once knew. Johanna
  • Pray for my family, please. Carrie
  • Please continue to pray for me and my sons it he's been hard on us since the loss of my son Bjay and thank you. Ramonica
  • Praise the Lord it's good to know that you all are still praying for my family and me. I too pray for you all as well, thank you for reaching out! Thank you for sending me the scripture and please continue to Pray for me my family and me. Barbara
  • Prayer for my family members' safety, good health & peace. Laura
  • Please pray for my family, myself, my husband Lionel, all of my children, grandchildren, and great- grandchildren. It's so hard but God is still in the blessing business. My grandchildren that I keep dad got killed July 2 and I'm having to take care of these kids with very little income. If you know anywhere they can help these children can you please let me know thank you in advance. Valerie
  • No more at this time surgery went well and thanks for the prayers. Dawn
  • Be praying for the Robinson family. People are after her kids. One of her twin boys killed a 9 yr old by accident the family of the deceased is out for blood. Donnell 
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