Thanks for your prayers for CPO this summer! We have some exciting changes and events coming up soon, including the launch of our new website!

In I Chronicles 16:8, David calls Israel to "Proclaim his name, make known among the nations what he has done!" At CPO, we not only want to do God's work, but to make it known what he has done through the body of Christ. The blessing in social media is that it can be a forum to spread the word about how the Lord is using CPO to minister to the people he loves. Our website, Facebook page, and so many more resources are great ways to give praise to God and encourage others to get involved, so be on the lookout as the new stuff rolls out!

Meanwhile, continue to pray for all the ways we're persevering in the ministry. - Please pray for Roger and for the new welding class that is already underway.

  • Pray for the guys who participate in Dan's Bible study program at the jail, that they are able to press on and honor God in their lives
  • Pray for graduates of the welding school, that they would find jobs and church connections so the work of God would continue to change their hearts.
  • Pray for the families involved in Angels of Hope. Especially pray for the many potential new volunteers, that they would be committed to the ministry so we can reach even more people with God's love.
  • Pray for the new ministry at the River Valley Juvenile Detention Center. This could not only impact the lives of teens and youths who are going through rough times, but it could also make in-roads for CPO to expand into the Will County Jail.

Thanks for your prayers and commitment to the Chicagoland Prison Outreach. We pray that God will work in your hearts as you pray for him to work in the lives of the men and women served by CPO.

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