An Intensive Discipleship Program at Cook County Jail and Westville Correctional Facility

The Life Learning Program includes intense discipline through daily expository Bible teaching with a strong emphasis on application specific to the prison community. There is also an emphasis on life transformation based on Biblical principles and preparation for re - entry into society. CPO staff and volunteers develop relationships with the participants by faithfully and regularly interacting face to face and demonstrating Christian love, care and compassion.

The Goal

The goal of this program is to return men (and women) back to the "free world" with a Christ - like character; equipped to have a positive impact in their home, workplace, church, neighborhood - the world!


The whole purpose of Life Learning Program is to change the hearts of inmates through the power of the Word and the Spirit. We work with inmates personally and practically, equipping them to return to the “free world” with Christ-like character, ready to make a positive impact in their homes, workplaces, churches, neighborhoods and the world. Through our structured learning environment, we teach participants what the Bible says about issues like anger, forgiveness, guilt, loneliness, lust, greed, materialism, bad habits/addictions, relationships, finances, work, etc. This may also include educational opportunities like basic math, reading/literacy and so on. By going through our program, inmates find purpose and meaning in life, practical help in dealing with trauma and stress, an idea of what it looks like to walk with the Lord and relationships that can help keep them accountable and on the right track.

CPO Strategy

Create and maintain a structured environment in the Life Lerning Program at the jail to achieve the above stated goal, which includes mandatory compliance with rules for godly living and mandatory participation in program activities. To facilitate the Holy Spirit's work of heart change by sharing the Gospel. To develop a Christ-like mind through pracitical application of the word of God. This includes teaching what God's word has to say about issues such as anger, forgiveness, guilt, lonliness, lust, greed, materialism, bad habits/addictions, relationships, finances, work, etc. This may also include educational opportunities such as basic math, reading/literacy, etc. (provided by CPO's Outreach Christian School).

Please pray about investing in this life-changing program and assisting us with spreading the Gospel to inmates in Chicago prisons!

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