Connecting Churches with Inmates and Their Families

At Chicagoland Prison Outreach, we want to help local churches engage with inmates, the families of inmates as well as the formerly incarcerated. To facilitate these connections, we offer a couple programs that make it practical and attainable for loving churches to make a tangible difference. From our Angels of Hope program to the Rhoda Fellowship Bible study, CPO uses specific programs within the outreach ministry to give area churches opportunities to shine Christ’s love to individuals and families that are hungry for it.

Working Together with Believers to Share Christ’s Love

CPO offers several programs within our outreach ministry: Angels of Hope, Rhoda Fellowship and Writing an Inmate. Historically, the Angels of Hope ministry focused on helping those who are in need around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays—but now it also includes training for area churches. We help these churches know how to call on families of detainees in order to provide support, as well as to help these families prepare their home environments to be stable, godly places to which inmates may return. In Rhoda Fellowship, we conduct a weekly women’s Bible study at our Roseland facility, ministering to women with loved ones in jail. Lastly, because we know that a note of encouragement can be so powerful to incarcerated men and women, we have the Writing an Inmate program, in which people of all ages writes anonymous letters to inmates, letting them know someone cares. To learn how you can you write to inmates, please call CPO. Letters are written by supporting churches and writers undergo training before communicating with inmates.

Please pray about supporting the Writing an Inmate ministry and helping us reach out to imprisoned men and women who need encouragement!

How Can You Help?
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Angels of Hope
Watch our videos to hear firsthand testimonials from former inmates, see how our ministries work and learn more about CPO!