One of the oldest buildings at Cook County Jail is on the Corner of 31st and California. Twice a year I visit this facility. The sheriff’s office has a program called Day Reporting. Day Reporting is a alternative detaining program. Individuals who are awaiting trail report to this building and program everyday and remain in the facility during the day, and return home on electronic monitoring at night. The sheriffs office has bought into the concept that it would a good idea to use this time to provide training and rehabilitative services to these men during this time. So we were contacted by the Sheriff’s office over two years ago to partner with this program. The directors of Day Reporting have welcomed us with open arms, and we have seen God-sized fruit come from our partnership. It was at Day Reporting where I met this phenomenal young man, Andre.

Andre was selected by the administration of day reporting as a candidate for our welding class. On one of my visits I interviewed Andre. He seemed serious, interested, and anxious for an opportunity to try something that produce change with the possibility of having a new life. Andre who is a mechanic by trade ensured me that he would not let me down, but that he would finish and be successful. Andre was our first ever official valedictorian of our class. He demonstrated the ability to help lead others in the classroom, the patience to assist others, and the desire to deepen his relationship with Christ.

Andre graduated from our welding program in the spring of 2013. He has been able to use his welding skills in his profession as a mechanic, and he has been able to use his bible skills at his local church as he has been training to become a minister. Andre joined our welding vocational staff this summer as an assistant welding instructor.

As the Lord has been welding his life back together, Andre now walks alongside our students to help them as God begins to mend what is broken in their lives. Please join us in praying for Andre, for our welding students and all of CPO staff.

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