Each year at this time CPO takes stock in what God has done through the ministry, volunteers, donations, and prayers given to the ministry. We love sharing with you and are always striving to be open and transparent with the donations that you entrust us with. We also prayerfully make plans for the new year and anticipate how God will use and grow the ministry. Enjoy reading and learning about what happened in 2015! We look forward to engaging with you in 2016!

  • CPO added the River Valley Juvenile Detention Center this year. Weekly Christian programing takes place in the center.

  • Each of the following programs continued and grew in 2015: Life learning program, State prison discipling, mentoring, vocational training, post prison discipleship programs, Angles of Hope, and the Rhoda Fellowship.

  • We praise God that Christmas gifts were donated and delivered to 222 families with a total of 731 children. We thank God for all the people that donated gifts, food, time, financial support and prayers that we can continue our ministry.


  • Host a food drive for the Angels of Hope family ministry!

  • Financial Support: We are seeking funding to enable us to provide ongoing support services like case management and job placement to ex-offenders we are mentoring and our welding students. Because of these plans our needs are greater in 2016 than they were in 2015.

  • Pray for CPO!

    • Pray that the Angels of Hope gifts were received as a blessing by the families and that these families and their incarcerated loved ones see the gifts as God’s provision and love.

    • Pray for traveling mercies as Dan travels to visit inmates in the winter months.

    • Pray that our welding graduates may find employment. Pray also that the Bible teaching they receive will help them to live according to God’s will.

    • Pray for the inmates and their families that are dealing with depression.

    • Pray for the lives and souls of the men and women as they are released and return to their families. May they continue to strive to follow Christ as they move on in life.


We are a local ministry, Corey Buchanan (Associate Director) or Dan Swets (Executive Director) can visit and share about the ministry anytime you would like to invite us.

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Life Learning Program
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